Caroline Stephenson

For over 15 years we have been promoting creativity in learning. It’s been clear in all of our work that rhythm and rhyme, stories and songs could help many young learners improve their progress. Find out much more about the methods and results in our Films section.

But now, from the spring of 2021, it’s a pleasure to announce that the Par Bay Tapestry of Covid Recovery (funded by Creative Civic Change) is being assembled. We hope it will be ready to hang at Par Library and cafe, by Easter. WE also hope to be opening the History & Green Energy Centre for visits of up to 6 people, from April 12th. Together, these 2 strands offer wonderful learning experiences for a range of ages and interests.

Come and visit our new

History Centre


Choices – free or £s

Please email any questions to

Price Description Click to proceed
Totally Free Rhythmic Learning resources Films centre
Free, through grant, for PL24 only Join the Par Bay Tapestry of Heroes project online or in person, sewing, singing, speaking, drumming & more Booking Form 1 or email
Further info on Parbay website
£10s or less Rhythmic Learning online packs for literacy, numeracy and special event songs Download
£10 + food December 2020 Hand Bell Ringing Christmas party Download
£20 but with strictly limited availability  Basic overnight accommodation for creative people, during ‘Make Work’ visits email
£30 or less Individual music or creative sessions email
£35 winter £45 summer + food Whole Day History experience ( + miner’s food bags £5 each with drink) email
From £40 Use of amphi-theatre &/or open-sided shed/classroom for meetings or rehearsals email
£60 winter £85 summer B & B in Woodland suite for history and/or green energy enthusiasts email