Caroline Stephenson

For over 15 years we have been promoting creativity in learning. It was clear in all of our work that rhythm and rhyme, stories and songs could help many young learners improve their progress. It’s a great pleasure to announce our participation in a new creative project for Post Covid Recovery … more about that below. But equally exciting is the opening of our brand new Local History & Green Energy centre. Together, these 2 strands offer wonderful learning experiences for a range of ages and interests.

Do you remember the Thursday evening clap for carers and NHS workers? Well, our part of the Creative Post Covid Recovery for PL24 is going to take that idea much further, expanding to include all our local heroes. We aim to organise sounds into a ‘Tapestry’ of singing, speaking, clapping and playing percussion. And, in the same workshops, will be showing how to cut out your heroes in rainbow-coloured felts & stitch into a real tapestry. Find out how to get involved …

Our Post Covid Tapestry project is 1 of 7 different strands of activity on offer in Par area, funded and supported by Creative Civic Change (logo). Find out more here … (hyperlink)

And finally, for individual rhythm and rhyme development, why not try the FREE APP? Play the Rhythm Fun games on your own or with family members. Another perfect resource for home learning at this time.

Meadow Barns

Just 6 minutes by car from the renowned Eden Project and close to the main A390 road, the meadow at Penpell is nevertheless a little oasis of peace and calm.

Traffic noise dims to a distant hum, replaced by a chorus of bird songs, including skylarks and kites high above. At night, bright lights fade to distant twinkles, eclipsed by stars and planets in a huge dark canopy overhead.

It makes a great escape from the pressures of 21st century life!