Caroline Stephenson

Since our wonderful launch event at the Eden Project in 2005 our staff team has developed numerous strategies (for all ages and abilities) that have proved to be better ways to learn. More recently we have summarised our best activities into online learning packs that are great value and quick to download. Especially at this unique time of COVID 19 Lock Down, we very much hope that families will make full use of our free films and other resources!

There’s an acronym to sum up our methods


* C Creativity — * RR repeating Rhymes in Rhythm — * A Activity … all kinds, but especially outdoors — * C Collaborating in a team — * K Kinaesthetic … marching, dancing, stage fighting (helps fitness too) — * LE Learning — * S through Stories and Songs

In future you may once again experience our methods with our Director, Caroline (AKA Mrs Beat) in person. But right now please send an email, as online sessions can be offered.

Once the Lock Down is lifted, we will commence offering our unique green energy and mining/STEM stories, on a one day woodland walk (an ‘immersive’ experience) at THE MEADOW BARNS.

There is also the possibility of booking overnight ACCOMMODATION to expand into a 24 hour or longer visit.

And finally, for individual rhythm and rhyme development, why not try the FREE APP? Play the Rhythm Fun games on your own or with family members. Another perfect resource for home learning at this time.

Meadow Barns

Just 6 minutes by car from the renowned Eden Project and close to the main A390 road, the meadow at Penpell is nevertheless a little oasis of peace and calm.

Traffic noise dims to a distant hum, replaced by a chorus of bird songs, including skylarks and kites high above. At night, bright lights fade to distant twinkles, eclipsed by stars and planets in a huge dark canopy overhead.

It makes a great escape from the pressures of 21st century life!