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It’s June 2021 and time to welcome the leaders of the G7 to Cornwall. Even with the wonderful learning techniques here, I doubt that I can really teach them anything, but you never know! That is why I have launched the Green Fridays Blog. Just go to Green Campaigns to find it. And please do SHARE!

Introduction page

If you keep scrolling down you will find 5 films that record the ways Covid impacted on this local Par area and the lessons we should learn going forward. Together, we survived and together we will thrive!

Welcome to this online library of ideas and resources, which sit alongside the outdoor Green Awareness and Learning Centre at PL24. Learning can take many forms, not simply sitting at a desk or computer. And through her career Caroline has explored all kinds of different approaches, collecting ideas like a magpie & researching their impact. For sharing here, most resources are now in free films or print-your-own PDFs. A few are low cost downloads and – later in 2021 – it is hoped to sell a full size, hard copy book.

As a musician, Caroline knows that rhythm is a powerful learning tool, along with movement, stories and songs. This is what attracted a half page report in the Daily Telegraph after her launch event at Eden Project in 2005. You will find more about this in the ‘Better’ section.

Responding to the 2020 pandemic Caroline started a very different type of learning, for all ages in PL24. Using a combination of practical, hands-on kinds of making challenges, she built a team in the community who made a beautiful tapestry.

This is a tapestry of Covid heroes in Tywardreath church. We learned by trial and error! Another section is at Par Track Cafe.

As described in the films below, it’s time to find positive ways forward and new ways of working. So, in partnership with Eden Project and St Austell Print Company, the focus is all things green!

These outdoor Betterways2Learn’ activities, are now available when you visit The Meadow Barns Centre.

Green Fridays Blog

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    Week 25 – Today we have approx a 50/50 mix of news from east and south east England and Cornwall, mostly involving farmers & planting […]

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Our focus is history of mining, & a greener future. Everything is planned to meet the needs of the particular students in the group. It is usually best to work with half of a class. With this personalised approach we hope to address particular concerns after lockdown, and inspire a love of learning.

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