Caroline Stephenson

For over 15 years we have been promoting creativity in learning. It’s been clear in all of our work that rhythm and rhyme, stories and songs could help many young learners improve their progress. Find out much more about the methods and results in our Films section.

Now two things have happened, as a result of Covid 19 and lockdowns. First we are going outdoors with everything we do, and starting to really pursue Green Action campaigns.

But also looking back for a moment, with the anniversary of Clap for Carers this week, it’s a pleasure to announce that the Par Bay Tapestry of Covid Recovery has been assembled and made into a set of 5 short films, to be shared here & on social media every day from 22nd – 26th March. After that we hope it will hang at Par Library and cafe and be carried in the Par Carnival in June.

We plan to publish a local history/green energy book and then open the History & Green Energy Centre, for visits of up to 6 people, from late April. We can’t wait to get going with our ‘Re-set’ for a Carbon Neutral future!

By the way, some of this web site is still in need of Re-Set too. Coming soon!

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