Caroline Stephenson

After an un-deniably tricky 12 months, we are suddenly able to emerge with something of a triumph! The Tapestry of Heroes project is complete, and you can see the results on ‘tour’ to Tywardreath Church and Par Track Cafe.

Please scroll down to find the 5 films that record the ways Covid impacted on Par area and the lessons we should learn going forward. Together, we survived and together we will thrive!

Learning can take many forms, not simply sitting at a desk or computer. And through my career I have explored many different approaches, most of which can be viewed in the Films section.

As a musician, I’ve always believed that rhythm has a strong role to play, plus movement, stories and songs. You will find more about this in ‘Better’ section above.

But more recently I have embraced far more practical, hands-on kinds of making challenges, some indoors but most out in the fresh air!

Each week through May the tapestry will be turned, to show the different embroidered panels on each side

As described in the films below, it’s time to find positive ways forward and new ways of working. So, in partnership with Eden Project and St Austell Print Company, I’m now pleased to offer school visits, plus a free Green Actions booklet and opportunity to sign up in support. Find out more in Green Campaigns.

We can’t wait to get going with our new 2021 ‘Betterways2Learn’ activities, shows, walks and ‘re-set’ for a Carbon Neutral future!

Come and visit our new

Tiny Theatre


School Visits

Our focus is history of mining, & a greener future. Everything is planned to meet the needs of the particular students in the group. It is usually best to work with half of a class. With this personalised approach we hope to address particular concerns after lockdown, and inspire a love of learning.

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Green energy education
Outdoor challenges
Early rhythm development