Creative & Outdoors

Our techniques working with Early Years children have been summarised in a great acronym – CRACKLES! It stands for Creative, Rhythmic, Active/Kinaesthetic, Learning with Stories and Songs. We will happily send you any of our series of PDFs of research information about this, particularly the benefits of Rhythmic Learning. Just email your request.

CRACKLES will always be our key principles, but coming into the post Covid world of 2021 the most important by far are the ‘ACTIVE’ and the ‘KINAESTHETIC’ – both happening OUTDOORS.

Active. Repetitive movement, of some parts of the body, working in tandem with the brain. Problems solved through work actions, like hammering, sawing, turning a wheel, making an arch of sugar cubes. These are ways to ‘hammer’ in the learning.

Kinaesthetic – more vigorous movement, such as hopping, skipping, jogging, jumping. Even the simplest, like clapping hands brings in the Kinaesthetic aspect to your learning.

S  Bring together in performance of a Story or a Song, or both.


The images below show young and older together in 2019, responding to our Treffry Tales. From summer 2021 going forward this is entirely our way of operating, including extra measures for Covid hygiene. It is one of the safest, most stimulating environments for learning in a Post Covid world.

If you need to be persuaded about this, we would refer you to 2 different organisations 1) and 2) the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom – Their summary says ‘Effective learning outside the classroom relies on problem-solving skills, cooperation and interpersonal communication: all essential skills for today’s young people.’ Of these, in the world of mining, solving STEM problems is key.