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Week 4 Blog – Agrofo

Week 4 Blog – Agroforestry, Cornish farms and wildlife The topic being developed here is agroforestry, in full awareness that the ideas I am proposing may not be workable. But ‘flying kites’ like this, is one of the main reasons to write each week. Respond! And don’t miss the post script all about beavers. If […]

Week 3 Blog – Balloo

Week 3 Blog – Balloons and Biomass The ‘red threads’ coming through from last week are more about methane, green house gases as a whole, and then an astonishing fact about Cormac. After that, I hope you will find the frank descriptions of owning a biomass boiler useful, and the vision for a better way […]

Week 2 Blog – Muck f

1970s Hillman 'Muck Motor'

Week 2 Blog – Muck for Motoring Thank you so much for all the appreciative responses to Green Blog number 1! Each Friday I plan to pick a theme from the previous week to develop. So this time it is the bio-methane theme or, as I have called it, ‘Muck for Motoring’. Hope you enjoy […]

Caroline’s Green Fri

Caroline’s Green Fridays Blog for G7 Welcome to the first Caroline Stephenson Green Fridays Blog post, timed to coincide with the G7 summit in Cornwall. It is a reflection on a film that was issued to journalists on 27th May, briefing them on Cornwall’s aspiration to be Carbon Neutral by 2030. There is also a […]