Green Fridays Blog

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Week 15 Blog

Week 15 is mostly about the climate resilience conference last Friday, plus news of an upcoming Great Big Green Week with some excellent and varied …
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Week 14 Blog

Week 14 continues the education theme, with also some info on tourism awards and a celebration of 3 months writing ‘Green Fridays’. 
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Week 13 Blog

Young people, teachers, parents, grand parents – anyone connected to a school – this week I am writing for you. Green is such a vague …
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Week 12 Blog

August 27th and there’s 2 for the price of one this time! Content was flying at me, day by day and it was really important …
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Week 11 Blog

On August 20th publication was deferred for one week, so that some important updates could be made. There’s a wide spectrum, from an ugly story …
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